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 I love Christmas 
 I have a few friends and family members that get all Bah Humbugged up!!!
I decided to create an ornament to give to one special someone for Christmas!!!
 I began by getting a 4″ wooden circle ornament and paint it with DecoArt Media Yellow Oxide.
Allow it to dry completely. 
Sketch Grinch lightly to the top of dry ornament with pencil. 
 Paint sketched image with DecoArt Media Green Gold, Titanium White, 
Cadmium Red Hue and Medium Grey Value 6.
Allow to dry completely.
 Shade in  DecoArt Media Viridian, Dark Grey Value 3 and English Red Oxide. 
Allow to dry completely.
 Shade around outside of ornament with DecoArt Media Raw Sienna. 
Allow to dry completely.
 Using a liner brush add details to image with DecoArt Carbon Black and Viridian.
Allow to dry completely.
 Add DecoArt SnowTex to hat.
Allow to dry completely.
 Paint dots to center of eyes, on face and around ornament with DecoArt Titanium White with stylus. 
Using liner brush paint stitch lines around edge of ornament. 
Allow to dry completely.
 Tie brown twine to at top of ornament to form hanger. 
Add rag bows and couple of jingle bells to top of ornament. 
I hope you have enjoyed my special Grinch Ornament that I am going to be giving at Christmas!!!
Make sure to check out all of the amazing Mixed Media Products from DecoArt Media HERE!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
DecoArt Media Paints:
Yellow Oxide
Green Gold
Titanium White
Cadmium Red Hue
Medium Grey Value 6
Dark Grey Value 3 
English Red Oxide
Raw Sienna
Carbon Black
DecoArt SnowTex
Flat Paint Brush
Liner Paint Brush
4″ wooden Ornament
Brown Twine
Jiggle Bells
Pieces of scrap material

3 thoughts on “Bah Hambug Ornament!!!

  1. Brilliant your drawing is fantastic X X


  2. Lea says:

    Cutest Grinch ever! Love it!


  3. Mitsyana says:

    This is AMAZING, Pam!! Love love love it!!


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